The northwest coast of North America is truly a kayaking paradise!


Thousands of miles of pristine northern coastal wilderness with few communities, home to many First Nations and others who make their living from the land and the sea around it. Deep fjords and countless islands cover the inside passage from the Salish Sea to the Gulf of Alaska like a great jigsaw puzzle. Eagles patrol the skies, bears and wolves roam the land, Orcas and other whales cruise the salmon-rich waters of these remote areas. For paddlers like ourselves who find this overwhelming natural beauty irresistible the prospect of travelling the length of the northwest coast is a dream come true!


We would like to acknowledge with appreciation and respect the First Nations through whose traditional territories we will be passing on our journey. Thank you!


The map below shows the communities we expect to visit on our journey - many more details can be found in a detailed map and tables at Paddle Plan.